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Is it possible to bring an Indian city, which has not yet been exposed to tourism as well as western culture, and a sustainable waste system together? Yes, we believe that this is achievable! In the autumn of 2019, after the monsoon season is over, our pilot project will commence. In addition to a large-scale clean-up campaign, we will try to sensibilise the thinking of the inhabitants of Koraput with the help from various volunteers.

Inform yourself here, support us financially or be a part of the crew on the ground in the beautiful state of Odisha!


Who we are

We are a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland with the vision to tackle the waste problem in India, more precisely in Koraput. That is the city, where my sister and her husband tied the knot in autumn of 2018. After two weeks of getting to know a new culture and a vast array of impressions, we traveled back to Switzerland. In my mind, however, I spent many uncomfortable hours and days thinking about the enormous litter issue in India. This led me and four other young, motivated people to start the “Clean Koraput Project” in December 2018.


In the autumn of 2019 we will fly to Visakhapatnam and on to Koraput. Starting today we have to tackle the waste problem and set an example for a sound waste system!


- Thierry Hunziker, Vice President of ARROW -

Clean Up

District by district we are going to clean up the whole city. From the two national roads to the backyard at the end of town. Clean Koraput!


In order to leave a mark with the little ones on the subject of waste disposal, we will visit schools and will be offering exciting workshops for our future generations.

Stay Clean

We take care of the areas already cleared up. In order to ensure that the streets remain clean, we will work in close collaboration with the city employees.


With a diverse range of campaigns, we will inform the population and try to pitch our vision of a sustainable, clean and future-oriented city.


Waste separation is a big word with an even bigger effect! Glass waste, scrap, compost and much more account for up to 90% of the trash volume. The separation of waste is the future, also for Koraput!

Many thanks to David Ehrat for the translations.


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